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Death leaves the survivor at the lowest emotional point in his or her life. The burdens and strains left behind are often enormous. Simple preparations made now make life that much easier for the survivor. Making the arrangements yourself determines what will happen to your remains. Many prefer not to be put on display for others. Some choose not to be surrounded by flowers and grieving friends and relatives. CREMATION CONSULTANTS offers an alternative.

Cremation is often preferred over elaborate and costly burial plans. Some choose cremation for its philosophical or practical aspects. Others for its purity and simplicity.

Pre-arraignments have become popular to those who wish to tie up all loose ends. Many prepare a will for their survivors. More and more are making their pre-arrangement preparations to eliminate the burden and strain of death.

CREAMATION CONSULTANTS has several alternatives available to you which removes the financial pressure on your survivors. By taking advantage of a free consultation now with an experienced counselor from CREMATION CONSULTANTS you can ease the burden on those you leave behind at a later date. Simply calling us for an appointment may clarify questions you may have, ease any strain you may have on this matter, or help you decide which direction you can take with this matter.

Planning for the future is a good thing. The plans and decisions you make will be or great importance to your family. It’s comforting to know that because you have planned ahead, nothing will be left to chance and result in needless expenses and inconvenience to your family.

Planning ahead usually means examining the various types of funeral arrangements and discussing them openly with those closest to you. Contacting an attorney, your clergyman, and your insurance advisor is also part of planning for your funeral. You can examine all the information and make decisions at your leisure.

Many people find that when a loved one dies, important information is missing. Often hasty and stressful decisions must be made. Planning your funeral and making your wishes known eliminate undue stress.

It is assuring to your family and loved ones to know they are acting according to your wishes.

You may contact us at any time to discuss plans, ask questions and make arrangements. We offer a number of other services which may interest you. CREMATION CONSULTANTS has a fully professional staff, which will see to it that any special detail is taken care of to make a difficult time as comforting and simple as possible.

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